Conservative Leader

1. Promote Economic Development

  • Experience: With years of local government & economic development experience, Daniel has helped expand Broadband internet access to parts of rural Indiana and helped create critical infrastructure projects.
  • Experience: As a strong fiscal conservative, Daniel focused on shrinking government, not expanding it. Daniel defended taxpayer’s pocketbooks while serving his community as a county councilman.
  • Daniel will work alongside local governments to engage and expand opportunities for Broadband Internet access, across all 92 counties.
  • Daniel will assist local communities to connect with the Indiana Finance Authority and the Indiana Bond Bank which provide economic development opportunities.
  • Daniel will work to find opportunities to grow our state’s $8-9 billion investment portfolio, so that revenue returns from investments can be utilized to pay for infrastructure, broadband expansion and other projects without having to raise Hoosiers’ taxes.
  • Daniel will oppose ESG’s or “Environmental, Social and Governance” for Indiana Investments. ESGs force investors to follow woke corporate strategies vs sound financial principles. As Indiana’s next State Treasurer Daniel will always safeguard the peoples tax dollars and focus on getting the best return on Hoosier’s investments.

2. Defend Against Cyber Attacks

  • Experience: A software architect by trade; Daniel helped companies, nonprofits and local governments build secure online systems.
  • Daniel will work with local, state and federal officials to ensure that our sensitive data is secure.
  • Daniel will work to defend our investments against hackers and hostile foreign governments.
  • Daniel will ensure the State Treasurer’s office utilizes safe investing strategies, so that Indiana’s investments are not at a risk of major loss.

3. Ensure Government Transparency

  • Experience: As an elected official, Daniel worked to ensure that county budget’s were transparent and easily understood.
  • Experience: As President of the Morgan County Redevelopment Commission & former County Councilman; Daniel has worked to get projections done and cut through red tape.
  • Daniel will streamline operations to ensure services are accessible to local governments & individuals
  • Daniel will ensure the highest level of transparency in ensuring that Indiana protects our money from not being lost down the drain through foolish investing. 
  • Daniel will enforce public reporting requirements for the office’s investment strategies. 
  • Daniel will optimize opportunities for individuals to be aware of services such as College 529 Plans for students & InvestAble – a tool for Hoosiers with disabilities
  • Daniel will provide education opportunities for local governments and individuals to ensure they’re aware of the services of the office.