Strong Families

Conservative Leader

Daniel Elliott has received the endorsement of the American Family Association of Indiana for State Treasurer

At the 2018 Indiana Republican Convention there was an attempt to make a last minute change in the Indiana Republican Party Platform by removing support for marriage and the strong families language. One county chairman stood up to defend marriage, soon to be followed other county chairs and elected officials. County Chairman Daniel Elliott led conservative elected officials, county chairs and delegates from across the state of Indiana to defend the strong families language and to keep it in the Indiana Republican Party Platform. Time and again Daniel Elliott has shown that he is the proven conservative leader, willing to stand up and fight for Hoosier values.

The delegates voted overwhelmingly in support of marriage.

Thank You, Delegates.
Today in Evansville, Indiana, Republican Party Delegates voted overwhelmingly to retain
the 2016 strong families language in the 2018 Indiana Republican Party’s Platform which
endorsed marriage between a man and a woman as the ideal basis for strong families. In
2014 in Fort Wayne the delegates decided by over 80% to support marriage and strong
families. In 2016 in Indianapolis, again, the delegates voted by over 90% to support
marriage. Today, by a similar margin, the delegates decided to support marriage in our 2018
Republican Platform, also.

AGAIN grass roots Republicans have made it clear that Hoosier Republicans support
marriage. We know the stability that marriage brings to families and how it helps children
reach their full potential. While a married mother and father gives the strongest chance of
success, the Platform also recognizes the many diverse, blended and single parent
households that exist in Indiana. All are working to promote strong families. These are
Republican values. These are Hoosier values.

And in Indiana Republican fashion we move on to supporting our candidates Mike Braun,
Connie Lawson, Kelly Mitchell and Tera Klutz.
Again, we thank you.

Republican Victory Committee
Daniel Elliott, Chairman
James Bopp, Jr., Treasurer/General Counsel

As we prepare to adopt a platform at this years’ 2022 Indiana Republican Party Convention, the strong families language, including the language protecting the importance of marriage, is still a part of our party’s platform. Showing that the institution of marriage is an important principle for Hoosier Republicans. 2022 Republican Party Platform Draft