Daniel Elliott Treasurer-Elect

Conservative Leader and Indiana's State Treasurer-Elect


The state treasurer is our state’s chief investment officer, and the office oversees the management of $8-9 billion of publicly invested funds on a daily basis. Moreover, the Treasurer heads the State E-911 Board, the Indiana Bond Bank, Indiana Educational Scholarship Account Program and the State Police Pension Fund and others. As your State Treasurer, I will:

Promote Economic Development

Daniel will work alongside local governments to engage and expand opportunities for infrastructure, like Broadband Internet access, across all 92 counties. He will also assist local communities to connect with the Indiana Finance Authority and the Indiana Bond Bank which provide economic development opportunities.

Defend Our Investments Against Cyber-Attacks

Daniel will work with local, state and federal officials to ensure that our sensitive data is secure. He will use his private sector experience to defend our investments against hackers and hostile foreign governments.

Ensure Government Transparency

Daniel will ensure the highest level of transparency  in ensuring that we protect our money with sound investment strategies. He will also cut through bureaucracy to make services more accessible to local governments and individuals.

About Daniel Elliott

Daniel Elliott has served as the Chairman of the Morgan County Republican Party, President of the Morgan County Redevelopment Commission, former Morgan County Councilman, the owner of a software company in Martinsville, proud husband to my wife, Laura, and the father of four.

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