A Conservative Leader

Conservative Leader

A Conservative Leader

January 2, 2020 About Daniel Elliott 0

Daniel has proven his willingness to standup for conservative values.

Many politicians brand themselves as conservative but fail to follow through when the time comes. Daniel Elliott has proven his dedication to conservative, family values that delegates expect from those they elect. Daniel is a supporter of conservative values that strengthen our communities. Daniel supports low taxes, working closely with our churches and local non-profits, and building strong business in our community, especially our local small businesses.

2018 GOP Convention
Daniel Elliott leading conservatives at the 2018 GOP Convention

In 2018 Daniel Elliott, as Chairman of the Morgan County Republican Party and the Republican Victory Committee, led a coalition of Hoosier conservatives to defend the importance of marriage and families in the platform of the Indiana State Republican Party. They were overwhelmingly successful in getting support for families and marriage reinstated into the Indiana Republican Party’s Platform.

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